2018 Photographer Profile : Seth de Roulet

Seth de Roulet is a long time Santa Barbarian originally from the great state of New York. He is a world traveler and adventure enthusiast who loves nothing more than to watch the sunrise from the cold clutches of the Pacific Ocean. Seth fell in love with photography as a young child and has pursued it as a career with surfing as his main focus.

He was trained at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara under the guidance of early surf photographer Bill Robbins. He currently works with top level surfers to bring the best quality surf photography to audiences around the globe. Seth de Roulet, lover of all things family, can’t wait to share his knowledge and passions for photography and surfing with his son, Oliver and daughter, Scarlett.


1. What lead you to becoming a surf photographer?

I have had a camera in my hand as long as I can remember. I started getting really into skateboard photography in the early to mid 90’s which led me to study photography at Brooks Institute. During my studies at Brooks I bought my first water housing and once I discovered what a bending wave could do to light I was hooked.

2. Favorite subjects and waves to shoot? My favorite person to shoot with is Bobby Martinez. He has a different approach than anyone I have ever worked with which is so refreshing. He surfs for himself and I find it really translates into the images.

4. Four words to describe Seth De Roulet.  Family, Familia, Kazoku, Ohana

5. What is new with Seth De Roulet?

I just got home from four months on the road with my wife and our two kids (one and five). We started in New York and then Bermuda, France, Spain, Portugal, and Ireland. We did the whole European leg in a camper van for 50 days. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. We had perfect weather and endless swells. I am constantly on the road where my only family time is through FaceTime, so to have them along for the ride and family flat days made for a perfect 10.

6. How would you describe your relationship with Rincon? I love the Con. When I get home from a trip I love paddling out and seeing the usual faces. It’s like a second family.

7. What inspires you? I find inspiration everywhere. From watching my baby learn how to climb up onto the couch to watching a storm roll in. My camera captures my inspirations 1/100 of a second at a time.

8. Any journey’s planned in the near future? I am going to base myself at home for the next few months. If the right storm pops onto the charts for a quick strike mission then the bags are ready but I love winter at home.

9. What would you tell the next generation of area youth that dream of following in your footsteps and becoming a surf photographer? If photography is truly something you love then take the time to learn about light. Every great image starts with one thing and thats great light. From there the world is your oyster.