RC15 Raffle



Win a dream trip to Nicaragua courtesy of Wave Hunters Surf Travel and Popoyo Surf Lodge.

The RC 15 raffle features over $20,000 in prizes including a week vacation to Popoyo Surf Lodge, Nicaragua for two (airfare not included), Custom CI Surboards, Hurley Wetsuits, Scosche Audio Gear, Freestyle Watches, Lanikai Ukulele’s, Arbor Skateboards, Indo Boards, Sex Wax and much more. All contestants receive two raffle tickets with their entry into the event.

Tickets may also be purchased online, at the contest site, and at SIMA Classic Sunday awards ceremony held the Sunday following the competition at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. Raffle prizes will be drawn throughout the course of the weekend and may be picked up at the contest site or awards ceremony if not present. Grand prize and top prizes will all be picked at the awards ceremony. WINNERS DO NOT NEED TO BE PRESENT TO CLAIM TOP PRIZES. IF NOT PRESENT WINNERS WILL BE CALLED AND EMAILED AND GIVEN ONE WEEK TO CLAIM PRIZES OR ANOTHER TICKET WILL BE PULLED.

All funds raised go directly to the Surf Happens Foundation to support surf programs for young adult and youth cancer survivors within our community in conjunction with First Descents and the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation.

King of the Queen


King Of The Queen:  Battle Of The Surf Shops Team Event

Support your local surf shop and witness the areas top surfers battling it out for the title of who is the King Shop of the Queen

About the event:

2015 earmarks the first annual Rincon Classic King Of The Queen Battle Of The Surf Shops. The battle will feature 6 teams from area surf shops competing in a team format with four surfers per team, each surfer scoring points based upon heat placings.

Teams will compete against one another in elimination format in preliminary rounds with riders surfing against other riders from same division. The top two shops will compete against one another on finals day in a tag team format with two team members in the water at a time from each team.

Team members:

1 Shop Employee (All Ages)
1 Team Rider (Pro or Amateur – All Ages)
1 Master (over 30)
1 Grom (13 & under)

2015 Invitees

Channel Islands Surfboards
SurfnWear Beach House
J7 Surfboards
Rincon Designs
A-Frame Surf Shop
Ventura Surf Shop

Rincon Brewery Pro


2015 Rincon Brewery Pro

The 2015 Rincon Brewery (RB) Pro features the areas top professional surfers competing against up and comers for cash, prizes, and to see who will be the pro champ for 2015.

On any given day the line up at Rincon will be filled with professional surfers from around the world, but the local pros really have it wired and tend to find their way onto the very best waves. As the sets line up from the Indicator towards the cove they connect to the hollow and wedgey rivermouth section which offers barrels and the ultimate high performance wave. Riders mix together flow and flair showcasing rail work, and state of the art modern surfing.The Rincon Classic professional division was founded in 2002 to showcase the level of professional and top amateur talent within our local community. The Four person, 20 minute heats allow surfers to showcase their skills at California’s premier point break and often times feature match ups that you will not find anywhere else.

Past champions include Josh Bradbury (2002), Pete Mussio (2003), 6 time pro champion Kilian Garland (2004,05,06,08,09,10), Mike MCcabe (2011), Dane Reynolds (2012), Conner Coffin (2013), and Kellen Ellison (2014). Stand outs and legends who also compete yearly include 3 time world champion Tom Curren, Joe Curren, former WCT stand out Bobby Martinez, Chris Brown, and a host of other local stand outs.






Abby Brown


Abby Brown Profile

16 year old Santa Barbara native, Abby Brown is a waterman who embraces all that it is to live on and around the ocean. A two time Rincon Classic Wahines champion, Abby isn’t only into the modern vision of what surfing is. Sure she surfs amazing on her Channel Islands surfboards and has done her fair share of competitions. However, you will often find her surfing on a single fin or Ryan Lovelace alternative shape where she styles and grooves her way to new artistic levels and feelings. When she isn’t riding waves, she enjoys being in the ocean and is also an accomplished prone paddle boarder. At this years friendship paddle she braved 20 miles before taking a break and then finishing out the last leg. All around happy human and Aloha sharing, Abby embodies modern soul.


When she rode a wave with dolphins and pulled into the barrel behind them in the Womens final of the 2014 Rincon Classic, she thought it was no big deal, although the entire beach went crazy. After being featured on local news she shrugged it off, and when the international media called wanting to interview her and run the story her response was, “Why?”


Q & A

1. Brief bio/ history / relationship with surfing.

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara and I have surfed my whole life.  I started taking my surfing seriously about four years ago.

2. Relationship with Rincon: First time you surfed the Queen of the coast and favorite Rincon session.

I don’t really remember the first time I surfed Rincon, I pretty much grew up there.  I remember my cousin, Evan, taking me surfing after school we would always go to Rincon.

3. Tell us about the image captured of you and the Dolphins from 2014 that became the poster shot for the 2015 Rincon Classic?

I’m honored to be featured on the poster for the Rincon Classic.  It’s my favorite wave so for me to be representing the Rincon Classic is awesome.  I’m also really happy to be the first girl on the poster.

4. You went from being sick and barely able to paddle out in your heat to scoring a wave with Dolphins that became a top international specialty story for a week. Were you expecting the kind of coverage that you received and what were your highlights?

At first I couldn’t believe it made local news and then the next thing I knew it was on Good Morning America and then we found out it had gone all over the world, it was crazy.  I guess spending as much time as I do on the ocean I sort of take it for granted. But that day the water was crystal clear, the weather was great and the waves were good and everyone was there to see it and capture it.

5. Demi Boelsterli was around the same age when she began dominating the Rincon Classic, you have now won two Wahine titles in a row. Any competition or Rincon Classic goals?

I guess to just keep having fun and maybe beat Demi – Ha!

6. Best memory of the Rincon Classic?

Before I ever competed in the Rincon Classic we would go down for the first heats super early in the morning to cheer on our friends and spend the weekend at the beach.

7. What do you love about the Rincon Classic?

I love the fact that you have to be a local to compete (805), plus it’s great to see everyone.

8.  What is it about our region that produces such great surfers?

We don’t have waves everyday, but when we do everyone is just super psyched to surf. I think that makes us appreciate when waves come.

9. Words to live by?

Keep having fun.

10. If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Instead of my favorite animal I’m telling you my favorite restaurants: Rincon Elteno, Super Cucas and Petrini’s – hahaha!

11. You seem to ride all kinds of different boards out at Rincon. What are your favorite kind of boards to ride and why?

I’ve been riding a Piggy Back (high performance twin fin) by Ryan Lovelace and I love that board.  When the waves get critical I like the Zeus from Channel Islands.

12. What is your favorite part of the Rincon experience?

Seeing the local crew in the water.

13. Shout outs?

Friends, family, PGSK, the CI Crew, Ryan Lovelace, Zeal Optics, Arbor Collective, Patagonia, Frazer Hazlett – The Work Place.

14.  Who are your favorite surfers and why?

Dave Rasta, Clay Marzo, Trevor Gordon, Dan Malloy and Bobby Martinez.

15.  What crew do you chill with?

The Crew from the CI Shop~never a dull moment.

16. Anything else that you wish to add?

I just want to say thanks to Chris Keet for putting on such a great event. - oh, and always be respectful in the lineup, respect your elders and the locals!

Company Profile: Channel Islands Surfboards


Channel Islands Surfboards Company Profile:

ci-team-hawaii-512x279Since 1969, Channel Islands Surfboards has been dedicated to performance and quality through hard work, innovation, and originality.

Video Contest Judge: Branden Aroyan

3rd Annual Rincon Video Contest Judge

886712_10200751160330028_151948160_oBranden Aroyan has traveled to many exotic locations around the world photographing expeditions and filming documentaries about people, nature and surfing. Emmy Award winning Director of Photography for “Alaska Dreams”, his passion for photography has carried him far from the beaten path and helped foster an appreciation for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Video Contest


The 3nd Annual Rincon Classic Video Contest

Sponsored by Channel Islands Surfboards
& The Santa Barbara Independent