RC17 Heat Draw and Schedule of Events



It’s ON this weekend! FEB 4/5

Schedule Of Events

Breakfast Burritos For All Contestants by Rincon Brewery

Saturday Preliminary Rounds

6:45-8:45 – 8 Mens Round One Heats
8:45-10:00 – 5 Masters Round One Heats
10:00-11:00 – 4 Legends Quarter Final Heats
11:00-12:30 – 6 Grand Masters Heats

11:45-1:00 – Lunch By Rincon Brewery

12:30-1:50 – 4 Rincon Brewery Pro 1/4 Final Heats
1:50-2:35 – 3 Masters Quarter Finals
2:35-3:15 – 2 Rincon Brewery Pro Semi Final Heats
3:15-4:15 – 4 Mens Quarter Final Heats
4:15-5:00 – 3 Grand Masters Quarter Final Heats
5:00-5:30 – Rincon Brewery Pro Final

Sunday Secondary Rounds

6:45-7:15 – 2 Longboard Semi Final Heats
7:15-8:15 – 4 Juniors Quarter Final Heats
8:15-9:15 – 4 Boys Quarter Final Heats
9:15-10:00 – 3 Wahines Quarter Finals
10:00-10:45 – 3 Gremlins Quarter Final Heats
10:45-11:15 – 2 Mens Semi Final Heats
11:15-11:45 – 2 Legends Semi Final Heats
11:45-12:00 – 1 Masters Repechage
12:00-12:15 – 1 Grand Masters Repechage

11:45-1:00 – Lunch by Nutbelly 

12:15-12:45 – 2 Juniors Semi Final Heats
12:45-1:15 – 2 Boys Semi Final Heats
1:15-1:30 – 1 Wahines Repechage
1:30-1:45 – 1 Gremlins Repechage
1:45-2:05 – Expression Session

Finals: All finals 20 minutes long

2:05-2:25 – Longboard Final
2:25-2:45 – 1 Womens Final
2:45-3:05 – 1 Gremlins Final
3:05-3:25 – 1 Masters Final
3:25-3:45 – 1 Legends Final
3:45-4:05 – 1 Wahines Final
4:05-4:25 – 1 Grand Masters Final
4:25-4:45 – 1 Boys Final
4:45-5:05 – 1 Mens Final
5:05-5:25 – 1 Juniors Final

SIMA Classic Sunday Awards Ceremony
Lion’s Club, Carpinteria






Surf Happens Foundation


The Surf Happens Foundation

The Surf Happens Foundation is a local non-profit providing free surf programs and environmental awareness education to local youth in the Santa Barbara and Ventura county regions. Through the 2017 Rincon Classic raffle and auction we will be raising funds directly for the Surf Happens Foundation’s free surf contests for area youth including the Lakey Peterson Keiki Bowl, and the Coffin Brothers Surf Out events hosted by SurfHappens Alumni. Check out the Grom Surf League here. Our goal is to raise $7,500 through RC17. Support this great local cause by purchasing raffle tickets here!


Raffle includes over $20,000 in prizes including a custom Channel Islands Surfboard, Hurley Wetsuits, Scosche Audio Gear, and a dream trip for one to Las Flores resort El Salvador courtesy of Wavehunters Surf Travel!!!


The Surf Happens Foundations’ mission is to enrich the lives of local youth through ocean education and the sport of surfing. We began our work in 2006 by offering free surfing days for local kids with cancer and officially became a 501c3 in 2010. We have expanded our impact by offering free surf contests, surfing days and weekly surf clubs for at-risk youth, scholarships to low-income families, and an ocean education program. All programs are free to local youth in our community. The empowerment derived from a safe and supportive experience with the ocean at an early age can change a life forever.  We strive to lead local youth down a positive and successful path. Using a connection with the ocean as our catalyst, we have seen first hand how these programs inspire a healthy lifestyle and ignite passion.

The Surf Happens Foundations’ mission is to enrich the lives of local youth through ocean education and the sport of surfing




2017 RC17 Video Contest


The 5th Annual Rincon Classic Video Contest

Entry’s Open Feb 1st – March 1st

Sponsored by Channel Islands Surfboards
& The Santa Barbara Independent


Video Guidelines

Submit a 2-5 minute surf video of Rincon by March 1st to win a Custom CI Surfboard, CASH, tons of prizes, and have your video premier in front of hundreds of people! Videos will be judged on by Grammy Award Winning Surf Videographer Branden Aroyan and announced at the Video Contest Premier Party : March 9th.  All entries will be posted on independent.com upon submission and will be open to public voting to crown the audience choice award. 

  • Judged on: Originality, Story, Action, & True to Rincon
  • Voted on: Publics favorite!

Must be:

  • 805 local to enter
  • Filmed and/or edited by the person submitting the video(can be a multiple person project)
  • PG13 and under
  • May use multiple locations but emphasis must be on Rincon Point

How to submit video:

Upload videos from Feb 1st – March 1st and fill out necessary information in the form below. We will send you a confirmation e-mail within 24hours that your video was accepted. Once accepted you will be provided instructions on how to send in our raw file.

Three Divisions:

  1. 17 & Under (judged)
  2. Age 18+ (judged)
  3. Audience Choice (voted by public)
  • VIDEO PREMIER: March 9th 6-8pm at the Channel Islands Surfboards retail store in Santa Barbara. Top placing will be announced for each division, videos will premier on the huge blow up screen! Cash, prizes and awards will be distributed.
  • Video submissions will be posted on rinconclassic.com and voted upon by the viewing public through independent.com to determine the Audience Choice Award-announced at premier.
  • You may promote your video anyway you please!


Division Age 18+

1st place: $150 cash, Custom CI Surfboard, prize bag
2nd place: $100 cash, Hurley wetsuit, prize bag
3rd place: $50, prize bag, Arbor Skateboard

Division 17 & Under

1st place: $100 cash, Custom CI Surfboard, prize bag
2nd place: $50 cash, Hurley wetsuit, prize bag
3rd place: Prize bag, Arbor Skateboard

Division Audience Choice

1st place: $100 cash and huge prize bag

Video Upload

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Your Age (required)
 17 years of age or younger 18 years of age or older

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Youtube video URL

Rincon Brewery Classic Kick Off Party


Rincon Brewery Classic Kick Off Party

Wednesday January 11, 2017 Rincon Brewery 5-8pm.

Join us for the Rincon Classic Kick Off Party at Rincon Brewery on Wednesday January 11 from 5-8pm. Enjoy tasty food and drinks while listening to live music by some of your favorite local pros with an acoustic performance by Tim Curran, and a jam by Conner Coffin, Adam Lambert and friends. Autograph signings, raffle, and plenty of fun for the whole family.


Tim Curran’s new album  “Alexander Road” will be coming out in the next few months. You can follow him on Instagram for upcoming shows and all the happenings.  Congrats Tim!


RC13 Artist Profile : Rick Sharp


I have been a part-time resident of Carpinteria, Ca. since the late 80’s when I relocated from far-away Santa Barbara, Ca.. But I have been surfing Rincon since the Civil War. In fact, the Chumash indians showed me how to ride the perfect waves on their canoes!

So when Chris Keet asked me to create a poster for the Rincon Classic 2017, I was excited to take on the project. I had just been reinspired (for hundredth time) by a glassy surf session where my boys, Mac and Duke, were surfing the Cove during a beautiful, Autumn sunset.

The typical scenes I usually paint have figures and props in the foreground and sweeping backgrounds of coastal vistas. But Chris wanted me to create a more intense, up-close rendition of a surfer riding the inside of Rincon Rivermouth; namely Dane Reynolds – one of our most popular local pros. He submitted several pictures of Dane hitting the lip but I was looking for something special. We both decided the latest maneuver Dane had been doing, his “over-the-lip-tail-blow” was what we were after….but we couldn’t come up with a suitable, up-close shot to use as reference for my painting. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find what I was looking for. That’s when Fate stepped in. The Queen of the Coast worked her magic by arranging for me to run right into Dane one morning (before paddling out to a 6’+ day of perfect winter waves!). So I asked Dane if he would help me capture him for the RC 2017 poster. Without hesitation, he said “Sure, what do you want me to do?”. I said I wanted him to sit on the log and turn his head and shoulders into the position I knew I would need for the tail-blow close-up. After I captured his pose with my camera phone, I asked him “now can you go out there and do your off-the-lip-tail-blow move?” And that’s exactly what Dane did…twice! Right in from of me (which I again captured with my trustee camera phone). In fact, he flew so far up in the air above the lip that I had to move him down closer to the top of the wave in my painting to be believable!

Rick Sharp
September 19, 2016

rc17-rick-sharp-2  rc17-rick-sharp-3

Rick Sharp on Rincon.

I spend a lot of time at Rincon Cove. I like seeing old friends there, meeting new friends and watching the colorful beach characters that frequent the Cove. But mostly I love to be in Cove with my two sons, Mac and Duke (10 & 11 yrs old), watching them surf and play on a warm, sunny day. These days, I don’t seem to get as much out of surfing Rincon on my own as I used to. Now it brings me much more joy to see my boys playing in the waves and joining in on the fun. I love seeing kids get stoked on the inside cove and I’m always encouraging them and pushing the young beginners off on waves. It’s a way to give back from all the happiness I’ve gotten out of Rincon. Besides, these days I’m a non-aggessive, middle-aged man surfing the cove on a short board; in other words – I’m not getting a lot of the waves out there! But I’m happy to get whatever comes my way and I’m thankful I get to share my love of Rincon with my boys and their friends.


The Rincon Classic

I think the climax of every year at Rincon is when the Rincon Classic goes off. It bring everyone who still surfs (and even some who don’t) together in one weekend; from the oldest surfers to the youngest surfers. We get to see our local pros compete who are following the same path Tom Curren took when he became our first local World Champion. The Rincon Classic brings together just about everyone who shares the same joy in the Queen of the Coast.

Rick Sharp 2016


King of the Queen


King Of The Queen :
Battle Of The Surf Shops Team Event

Support your local surf shop and witness the areas top surfers battling it out for the title of who is the King Shop of the Queen

The King of The Queen is a team specialty division featuring six teams from local surf shops. Teams are made up of four surfers per team, one shop employee (all ages), one team rider (all ages), one master (over 30), and one grom (13 and under).

Teams will compete against one another with points accruing throughout the contest based upon team rider heat placings and advancements within their respective divisions of the main event. For example, grom riders versus team riders points will be tabulated through heat placings in their division throughout the course of the contest. Points are earned through rider heat placings (1-6) and added to each surfers’ top wave score each round and continue to accrue as long as the surfer is still in the event. This format helps to push progression. For example, if a surfer placed 3rd in a heat but had a perfect 10, they would receive 4 points for their team for heat placing plus 10 points for top wave, 14 total points.  Tallies will be announced throughout the contest with the winning team honored at the SIMA Classic Sunday awards ceremony. The winning team will receive a FREE full page advertisement in DEEP magazine valued at $2,000.

2017 Invitees :

A-Frame Surf Shop
Channel Islands Surfboards
J7 Surfboards
Rincon Designs
Surf ‘n’ Wear Beach House
Ventura Surf Shop
Trim Board Shop

Team members :

1 Shop Employee (All Ages)
1 Team Rider (Pro or Amateur – All Ages)
1 Master (over 30),
1 Grom (13 & under)


2016 Winners




Welcome to the 2017 Rincon Classic!  Stay tuned for updates

Dane Reynolds


2017 Rincon Classic Q & A with Dane Reynolds
DEEP Magazine

DEEP: What have you been up to lately and where are you living?
Dane: I’ve been working on my film for the past year, as well as starting a brand with my friends… finally released the film, brands coming out soon, living in Carpinteria…

DEEP:  Tell us a little about your new film Chapter 11. Dane: When Quiksilver went bankrupt the title wrote itself. I was going to make a film with some surfing and the story of the demise of our relationship, because I thought it was different than you might expect… slowly the story sort of broadened and turned into a full length surf video.

DEEP:  Former top 5 WSL Tour surfer, “best free surfer in the world”, now married with a son. What is next for Dane Reynolds, and do you have any goals, dreams or plans in the works for your surfing?
Dane: continue making films, along with developing my new clothing brand, surf as much as I can.

DEEP:  Words to live by?
Dane: Aw man never really lived by a phrase or mantra or whatever… I guess just stay nimble, avoid cliches, be present… haha

DEEP:  How would you describe your surfing?
Dane: I’d say I’m pretty aggressive

DEEP:  Have you been working on any new board designs? What has been your go to and dimensions for surfing Rincon? Do you change up the boards you ride for the beach breaks? Anything funky in your quiver?
Dane: pretty much been riding black and white and slight variations for the last almost 2 years now. Less rocker for points, more for beach breaks, and when the waves aren’t too exciting I’ll ride shorter flatter or something different to keep it fun.

DEEP:  When did you first surf in the Rincon Classic?
Dane: I think 2009

DEEP:  So that year in 2009 you were on the WCT and recovering from an ankle injury I believe and entered the event at the last minute under the name Vane Veynolds. Everyone was psyched to see you surf in the contest. What was with the name, and did you get any heat for surfing in the contest?
Dane: the WSL (then ASP) didn’t let their surfers compete in non-sanctioned events… I didn’t really care, because, it’s a stupid rule and they don’t own me! I think Travis Lee put me in under that name, or someone else? I forget, I don’t know, I have this thing. I almost wanted to test them, like ‘c’mon, fine me!’ Not always a good quality but I tend to challenge authority haha…

DEEP:  You retired from competing professionally for the most part in 2013, but have been doing the Rincon Classic nearly every year since 2009. What do you like about the contest and what brings you back?
Dane: It’s a fun event, small scale, of course everyone hopes the waves are good.  It’s cool when Connor (Coffin) and Bobby (Martinez) and Tom (Curren) do it…. and then like Cory Arrambide, McCabes, so many good surfers around,,, it’s fun.

DEEP:  Five words to describe Rincon?
Dane: Gentle peeling tapered groomed walls

DEEP: You have been at the highest level of “professional surfing” but seem to have always been able to do your own thing which is one reason why you have such a cult following. Almost like a hipster, but with the most modern, raw and unpredictable, creative lines. What is surfing to you a sport, an art form, lifestyle, escape? What keeps you motivated?
Dane: I think it’s just that you never feel like you conquered it, waves dictate everything, never get enough of em, and every ones different, so many variables, wind, tide, crowd, swell direction, interval size, it all comes together just often enough to keep you obsessed with finding it again.

DEEP:  It seems that there is something in the water, the waves and practically built into the fabric of the communities of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties that breeds world class surfers. What is special or unique to our region that produces such amazing surfers.
Dane: variety of waves, visibility, resources, like with CI being right here along with a lot of other great board makers, history, so much to draw from.

DEEP:  Who do you look to for inspiration?
Dane: It’s different everyday. Artists, surfers, lot’s of music…

DEEP:  You won the Rincon Classic RB Pro Division in 2012 against an inform Bobby Martinez, Pete Mussio and Parker Coffin, and seemed genuinely surprised and stoked and said, “I pretty much haven’t won anything in about 10 years”. Both you and Bobby had opted out of the tour for 2013, but chose to surf in the contest that year. What makes the event special for you and what brings you back?
Dane: Mainly just Rincon, and the hope of getting some uninterrupted surfing out there, no battling at the takeoff, no one in the way, also, family and friends that want to come watch…

DEEP:  What makes you happy?
Dane: Lots of things. I’d say in surfing, just those moments where things come together and you’re in the right place at the right time. It’s so rare and so fulfilling

DEEP: You pretty much seem to have the dream life. A creative, beautiful wife, little fireball of a kid who already has some serious swagger in his stagger, a dog that dresses like a human and you get paid to free surf. What is next for Dane Reynolds?
Dane: keep chasing surf, try to stay present and appreciate it and not let time fly by too fast!

DEEP:  Describe an average day in the life of Dane Reynolds.
Dane: depends on if there are waves. If there is, that’s still my first obligation, try to get Sammy sorted out so I can do that all day. If not, I hang with him and try to get things done while he’s napping ha ha.

Dane Reynolds Chapter 11

Rincon Brewery Pro


2017 Rincon Brewery Pro

The 2017 Rincon Brewery (RB) Pro features the areas top professional surfers competing against up and comers for cash, prizes, and to see who will be the pro champ.

For the third consecutive year Rincon Brewery has jumped in to support the Professional Division of the Rincon Classic and is helping to take it to new heights. The 2017 Rincon Brewery (RB) Pro features the area’s top professional surfers competing against up-and-comers for cash, prizes, and to see who will be the pro champ for 2016. The Rincon Classic professional division was founded in 2002 to showcase the level of professional and top amateur talent within our local community. In order to participate in the division surfers must ber, or have been a paid professional, or an entry may receive a wild card into the event if they have won the Rincon Classic Mens division. The four person, 20-minute heats allow surfers to showcase their skills at California’s premier point break and often times feature matchups that you will not find anywhere else.

Past champions include Josh Bradbury (2002), Pete Mussio (2003, 2005), 5-time pro champion Kilian Garland (2004, ‘06, ‘08, ‘09, ‘10), Mike McCabe (2011), Dane Reynolds (2012), Conner Coffin (2013, 2015, 2016), and Kellen Ellison (2014). Standouts and legends who have competed include 3-time world champion Tom Curren, Joe Curren, former WCT pro Bobby Martinez, Chris Brown, and a host of other locals.






2017 JWAA Award : Matt Moore