2017 Rincon Classic Q & A with Dane Reynolds
DEEP Magazine

DEEP: What have you been up to lately and where are you living?
Dane: I’ve been working on my film for the past year, as well as starting a brand with my friends… finally released the film, brands coming out soon, living in Carpinteria…

DEEP:  Tell us a little about your new film Chapter 11. Dane: When Quiksilver went bankrupt the title wrote itself. I was going to make a film with some surfing and the story of the demise of our relationship, because I thought it was different than you might expect… slowly the story sort of broadened and turned into a full length surf video.

DEEP:  Former top 5 WSL Tour surfer, “best free surfer in the world”, now married with a son. What is next for Dane Reynolds, and do you have any goals, dreams or plans in the works for your surfing?
Dane: continue making films, along with developing my new clothing brand, surf as much as I can.

DEEP:  Words to live by?
Dane: Aw man never really lived by a phrase or mantra or whatever… I guess just stay nimble, avoid cliches, be present… haha

DEEP:  How would you describe your surfing?
Dane: I’d say I’m pretty aggressive

DEEP:  Have you been working on any new board designs? What has been your go to and dimensions for surfing Rincon? Do you change up the boards you ride for the beach breaks? Anything funky in your quiver?
Dane: pretty much been riding black and white and slight variations for the last almost 2 years now. Less rocker for points, more for beach breaks, and when the waves aren’t too exciting I’ll ride shorter flatter or something different to keep it fun.

DEEP:  When did you first surf in the Rincon Classic?
Dane: I think 2009

DEEP:  So that year in 2009 you were on the WCT and recovering from an ankle injury I believe and entered the event at the last minute under the name Vane Veynolds. Everyone was psyched to see you surf in the contest. What was with the name, and did you get any heat for surfing in the contest?
Dane: the WSL (then ASP) didn’t let their surfers compete in non-sanctioned events… I didn’t really care, because, it’s a stupid rule and they don’t own me! I think Travis Lee put me in under that name, or someone else? I forget, I don’t know, I have this thing. I almost wanted to test them, like ‘c’mon, fine me!’ Not always a good quality but I tend to challenge authority haha…

DEEP:  You retired from competing professionally for the most part in 2013, but have been doing the Rincon Classic nearly every year since 2009. What do you like about the contest and what brings you back?
Dane: It’s a fun event, small scale, of course everyone hopes the waves are good.  It’s cool when Connor (Coffin) and Bobby (Martinez) and Tom (Curren) do it…. and then like Cory Arrambide, McCabes, so many good surfers around,,, it’s fun.

DEEP:  Five words to describe Rincon?
Dane: Gentle peeling tapered groomed walls

DEEP: You have been at the highest level of “professional surfing” but seem to have always been able to do your own thing which is one reason why you have such a cult following. Almost like a hipster, but with the most modern, raw and unpredictable, creative lines. What is surfing to you a sport, an art form, lifestyle, escape? What keeps you motivated?
Dane: I think it’s just that you never feel like you conquered it, waves dictate everything, never get enough of em, and every ones different, so many variables, wind, tide, crowd, swell direction, interval size, it all comes together just often enough to keep you obsessed with finding it again.

DEEP:  It seems that there is something in the water, the waves and practically built into the fabric of the communities of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties that breeds world class surfers. What is special or unique to our region that produces such amazing surfers.
Dane: variety of waves, visibility, resources, like with CI being right here along with a lot of other great board makers, history, so much to draw from.

DEEP:  Who do you look to for inspiration?
Dane: It’s different everyday. Artists, surfers, lot’s of music…

DEEP:  You won the Rincon Classic RB Pro Division in 2012 against an inform Bobby Martinez, Pete Mussio and Parker Coffin, and seemed genuinely surprised and stoked and said, “I pretty much haven’t won anything in about 10 years”. Both you and Bobby had opted out of the tour for 2013, but chose to surf in the contest that year. What makes the event special for you and what brings you back?
Dane: Mainly just Rincon, and the hope of getting some uninterrupted surfing out there, no battling at the takeoff, no one in the way, also, family and friends that want to come watch…

DEEP:  What makes you happy?
Dane: Lots of things. I’d say in surfing, just those moments where things come together and you’re in the right place at the right time. It’s so rare and so fulfilling

DEEP: You pretty much seem to have the dream life. A creative, beautiful wife, little fireball of a kid who already has some serious swagger in his stagger, a dog that dresses like a human and you get paid to free surf. What is next for Dane Reynolds?
Dane: keep chasing surf, try to stay present and appreciate it and not let time fly by too fast!

DEEP:  Describe an average day in the life of Dane Reynolds.
Dane: depends on if there are waves. If there is, that’s still my first obligation, try to get Sammy sorted out so I can do that all day. If not, I hang with him and try to get things done while he’s napping ha ha.

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