I have been a part-time resident of Carpinteria, Ca. since the late 80’s when I relocated from far-away Santa Barbara, Ca.. But I have been surfing Rincon since the Civil War. In fact, the Chumash indians showed me how to ride the perfect waves on their canoes!

So when Chris Keet asked me to create a poster for the Rincon Classic 2017, I was excited to take on the project. I had just been reinspired (for hundredth time) by a glassy surf session where my boys, Mac and Duke, were surfing the Cove during a beautiful, Autumn sunset.

The typical scenes I usually paint have figures and props in the foreground and sweeping backgrounds of coastal vistas. But Chris wanted me to create a more intense, up-close rendition of a surfer riding the inside of Rincon Rivermouth; namely Dane Reynolds – one of our most popular local pros. He submitted several pictures of Dane hitting the lip but I was looking for something special. We both decided the latest maneuver Dane had been doing, his “over-the-lip-tail-blow” was what we were after….but we couldn’t come up with a suitable, up-close shot to use as reference for my painting. We searched everywhere but couldn’t find what I was looking for. That’s when Fate stepped in. The Queen of the Coast worked her magic by arranging for me to run right into Dane one morning (before paddling out to a 6’+ day of perfect winter waves!). So I asked Dane if he would help me capture him for the RC 2017 poster. Without hesitation, he said “Sure, what do you want me to do?”. I said I wanted him to sit on the log and turn his head and shoulders into the position I knew I would need for the tail-blow close-up. After I captured his pose with my camera phone, I asked him “now can you go out there and do your off-the-lip-tail-blow move?” And that’s exactly what Dane did…twice! Right in from of me (which I again captured with my trustee camera phone). In fact, he flew so far up in the air above the lip that I had to move him down closer to the top of the wave in my painting to be believable!

Rick Sharp
September 19, 2016

rc17-rick-sharp-2  rc17-rick-sharp-3

Rick Sharp on Rincon.

I spend a lot of time at Rincon Cove. I like seeing old friends there, meeting new friends and watching the colorful beach characters that frequent the Cove. But mostly I love to be in Cove with my two sons, Mac and Duke (10 & 11 yrs old), watching them surf and play on a warm, sunny day. These days, I don’t seem to get as much out of surfing Rincon on my own as I used to. Now it brings me much more joy to see my boys playing in the waves and joining in on the fun. I love seeing kids get stoked on the inside cove and I’m always encouraging them and pushing the young beginners off on waves. It’s a way to give back from all the happiness I’ve gotten out of Rincon. Besides, these days I’m a non-aggessive, middle-aged man surfing the cove on a short board; in other words – I’m not getting a lot of the waves out there! But I’m happy to get whatever comes my way and I’m thankful I get to share my love of Rincon with my boys and their friends.


The Rincon Classic

I think the climax of every year at Rincon is when the Rincon Classic goes off. It bring everyone who still surfs (and even some who don’t) together in one weekend; from the oldest surfers to the youngest surfers. We get to see our local pros compete who are following the same path Tom Curren took when he became our first local World Champion. The Rincon Classic brings together just about everyone who shares the same joy in the Queen of the Coast.

Rick Sharp 2016